GN Separation release new Mining Vibrating Screen Technology

2022-03-26 06:29:40 By : Mr. Shangguo Ma

GN separation has developed the first generation of industrial vibrating screen since 2007. Now it has 15 years of experience in R & D and manufacturing of vibrating screen. In order to meet the needs of domestic and foreign customers for mineral screening, GN separation has launched a new generation of mining vibrating screen technology. GN mining vibrating screen series can be used in beneficiation, coal preparation, gravel aggregate screening, mud treatment, metallurgy and chemical industry. The main mining vibrating screen technology of GN Separation include: Stack Vibrating Screen, High Frequency Vibrating Screen, Classification Vibrating Screen, Dewatering Vibrating Screen, and Polyurethane Screen Panel.

1. Stack Vibrating Screen – Fine Sizer

The GN Stack Vibrating Screen – Fine Sizer is composed of 2-5 screen decks, which can meet the limited installation space and improve the processing capacity per unit floor area. GN Stack Vibrating Screen is mainly applicable to wet screening, classification and dewatering of fine materials in beneficiation, coal preparation and other industries. The screen deck assembly of the GN stack vibrating screen is arranged in multiple layers. It is designed and driven by a single vibration source (dual vibration motor) by using the principle of two-degree-of-freedom resonance to realize linear vibration of the whole machine. GN Stack Vibrating Screen has unique vibration mode, energy saving, high screening efficiency, large processing capacity, advanced technology, simple structure, stable and reliable operation, and is currently one of the most advanced equipment in the field of fine-grained material screening. GN Stack Vibrating Screen adopts Polyurethane Screen Mesh, with high opening rate (28-45%) and average life span is about 6 months.

GN High Frequency Vibrating Screen is suitable for wet screening, classification and dewatering of fine materials used in beneficiation, coal preparation and other industries. Compared with ordinary mining vibrating screen, it has high vibration frequency and large exciting force, which can better screen fine particle materials or dehydrate fine particle materials. Compared with petroleum solid control vibrating screen, the wear resistance of GN high frequency vibrating screen is greatly improved. The flexible polyurethane fine screen mesh is usually 10 times longer than the conventional metal woven screen, and the service life is usually up to 6 months.

GN linear dewatering vibrating screen is a medium-sized linear motion vibrating screen. In the beneficiation industry, it is commonly used in desliming, dewatering, demineralization and tailings dry discharge treatment of iron ore, nonferrous metal ore, coal mine and other materials. The first screen of GN dewatering vibrating screen adopts the folded form, which can better meet the dewatering of materials. Two vibrating motors are installed on GN dewatering vibrating screen, and the screen body moves in a linear motion by using the principle of reverse self-synchronization. The screen body drives the screen surface to vibrate synchronously, transmits the force to the materials on the screen, and impacts materials to throw up on the screen surface for solid-liquid separation and coarse and fine particle separation. The materials are continuously fed directly from the feed tank or cyclone, dewatered and disintermediated through the screen surface, and the materials above and below the screen are discharged into the upper and lower receiving tanks respectively to enter the next process link.

GN classification vibrating screen is widely used in the classification and screening of iron ore, coal mine, non-ferrous metal mine, building materials, chemical industry and other materials. The whole machine of GN classification vibrating screen is installed at a positive inclination angle, and the installation angle is 4 degrees adjustable, which is suitable for the requirements of different process materials. The flat design of the whole screen surface of GN linear classification vibrating screen is more conducive to screening and grading materials, and optimize the effective screening area of the screen surface. The rubber damping spring design of the linear grading vibrating screen used in mine has the advantages of good damping, good damping effect, low noise, small resonance field, good resilience, stable mechanical performance, long service life and low cost.

The materials commonly used for GN mining vibrating screen include but are not limited to:

The new mining vibrating screen technology will add value to the mining industry. The new technology can help the mining industry to reduce operation cost, and increase productivity.

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