VECO filtration screens for starch separation

2022-06-18 18:58:14 By : Ms. Jannie Zheng

Veco B.V. recently supplied a number of 316L stainless steel filter screens to Larsson, Swedish producer of equipment for the starch processing industry. “The most durable sieve screen ever made” stated Larsson’s purchase manager, ”Starch separation requires a durable and highly accurate filtration screen of both coarse and fine particles at the same time. This distinct combination of features makes the Veco B.V. screens a preferable option over the more traditional alternatives such as wire mesh and wedge wire”.

“What we create with our partners makes a real and lasting impact. Together we want to reach the industry that believe in lasting filtration relationships and the value of performance and professionalism”, says Veco’s business development manager Brian Adelerhof.

Precision engineering As a manufacturer of precision engineering and filtration screens, Veco has been supplying a wide range of precision filtration and separation screens tailored to various processing and manufacturing industries, including beer industry, food processing, water treatment, water intake, pharmaceutical industry, mineral processing, waste processing, pulp & paper, architecture, petrochemical industry, among others.

Veco’s stainless steel sieves can be re-used over many batches without deforming, this aims to make them more cost competitive than traditional (wire) meshes. The sieve screen has a significant influence on both production efficiency and the quality of the final product.